CEALVET and Bioacoustics

Animals’ vocalizations are a way of expressing their state of health. Understanding what they want to communicate through the sounds emitted is important to define if an external factor can negatively or positively affect their well-being.

Bioacoustics is one of the new branches of precision livestock farming that has been growing in recent years. By capturing the sounds emitted by animals, these new technologies translate the signals into data, helping farmers more easily monitor large numbers of animals.

In 2019, CEALVET created a Proof of Concept (PoC) together with Ramón Llull University to continuously record the vocalization of broilers on a real commercial farm, as a first approach to validate the feasibility of obtaining bioacoustics indicators from chickens. The first results of the PoC in a commercial farm validated the hypothesis of obtaining both acoustic characterizations of the songs of the animals and the identification of environmental noise, such as fans, feeders, drinkers, routine handling.

In 2020, CEALVET wins a Eurostars project funded by the European Union, “Development of new integrated technologies against multi-resistant pathogens in broilers” (E114423 – ITAM). The acoustic work carried out during the ITAM project was a first approximation to find acoustic differences in animal vocalizations due to the administration of pro+prebiotics to demonstrate the efficacy of the product through vocal expression. The successful results obtained in the ITAM project lay the foundations for future research and have considerably increased the knowledge of CEALVET in bioacoustics.

In 2022 CEALVET presented a European patent application for the protection of a method for assessing the welfare state of farm animals, the result of many years of study.

Our Research

CEALVET is focused in the  study of the vocalizations of  broilers during their production cycle in hatchery and commercial farms to improve their animal welfare and productivity. Our R&D multidiciplinary team works with a growing set of over 5Tb of raw acoustic data from broilers, with the aim of modeling through artificial intelligence animal calls to be able to detect or anticipate animal responses to external stimuli.

CEALVET works with his own non-invasive bioacoustic recording prototype specially designed for the poultry enviroment to statistically analyse and post process animal biological respone through their calls.

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