CEALVET is dedicated to the research, development, control and sales of products for animal health and nutrition. Since 2013 it focuses on designing and commercializing quality products that improve animal welfare by offering the farmer products formulated with natural ingredients.

We currently manufacture two ranges of products:

Procelfeed range: Premix feed based on essential oils and butyric acid.

Licuicel range: Complementary feed based on prebiotics, amino acids, electrolytes and vitamins.

In CEALVET we want to offer our customers a selection of products that allow the improvement of animal welfare and animal care. Either with our own products or with the distribution of those of our partners. Our commitment is based on a continuous design, supply and control of our animal nutrition products so that they meet the quality, safety and efficacy parameters for which they have been designed to meet the needs of our customers.

In 2016 CEALVET obtains a certification in quality management and food safety under the FAMI QS standard, has a HACCP Manual managed by a multidisciplinary team where the different processes that make up the company are included, as well as the organizational description, the policy on quality and food safety, and finally the commitment of the management to safeguard the safety of the products marketed.



For us animals are the main focus of our company, we work for them, to improve their quality of life, their welfare and reduce their stress in order to maximize their growth.


Cealvet is very committed to its values. Our values define us

  • Innovation. We believe that being in constant evolution and creation of products is the best way to be able to provide effective solutions to our customers and to let the animals perform to their maximum.
  • Research. For us, knowledge is a fundamental tool to advance in the progress of the animal welfare. Our team is in constant training and contributes with publications to open access journals. In our blog you will find the latest articles.

  • Closeness. Our team is at our customers’ side to offer them our support whenever they need it, either through a phone call, an email or in person. Helping our customers is a priority for us.

  • Passion. We are a multidisciplinary team with diverse backgrounds united by the motivation to improve animal welfare. We want animals to grow healthier and happier.

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My motto is to apply all my know-how an experience in developing a new all natural range of products allowing animals to perform to their maximum.
Gerard Ginovart
Gerard GinovartIT Manager
Researching and creating new technologies to improve animal welfare.
Silvia Riva
Silvia RivaR+D Manager
I dedicate my life to the study of biotechnology, an incredibly powerful tool through which we can contribute to safeguarding and improving animal health.
Marc Sabater
Marc SabaterMultimedia Engineer
Irene Mestre
Irene MestreHR Manager
The importance of teamwork: “If you walk alone you will go faster, if you walk together you will go further”


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