Procelfeed Plus ®

Intestinal health is of major importance in animals. The gastrointestinal mucosa is the first tissue that comes in contact with dietary constituents. Anything that affects intestinal health will influence the animal as a whole and consequently alter its nutrient uptake and requirements.

Supplementation with PROCELFEED PLUS, brings the benefit of its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.

These bio-active substances present in essential oils and organic acids (butyiric acid) play a significant role in cellular protection and by this way enhaning the function and proliferation of these endogenus avian cells which positively influences growth and feed efficiency in broiler chickens.

Broilers without any inflammation can reach 100% of their genetic growth potential. Inflammation causes a reduction in growth, inappetence and muscle catabolism. PROCELFEED PLUS a unique product with nanoencapsulated sodium butyrate and Essentials oils reduce acute inflammatory responses including metabolic inflamation during the greatest challenge.

PROCELFEED PLUS without withdrawal period helps in a sustainable poultry production to secure intestinal health, minimizing the environmental impact, improving animal welfare and letting the bird perform to their maximum.


Sodium butyrate retard 45%

  • The retard technology bring coated sodium butyrate particles being a brand new reference in the butyrate world market.
  • Higher reactivity compared to conventional butyrate.
  • Higher particle number and performance at surface level.


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