In 2021, Cealvet is awarded the Innovative SME seal by the Ministry of Science and Innovation thanks to the Eurostars 2020 R&D project: “Development of new integrated technologies against multi-resistant pathogens in broilers” together with its project partners ADM Biopolis and Pancosma.

Cealvet, through the development, research and marketing of its own products and distribution of high-quality products, is committed to innovation and new technologies as the true engines to improve the quality of life and animal welfare, maximizing their growth and productive performance.

The common objective of the project is to study and investigate new solutions to combat the main pathogens that annually cause serious economic losses in the poultry industry. In this project, three partners (ADM Biopolis and Pancosma) share their knowledge and experience to contribute to the improvement of human and animal health, promoting research that allows determining the most optimal bacterial strains, together with the most suitable methods of administration in modern bird strains under intensive production.

The Innovative SME seal is granted to CEALVET to strengthen the capacity for innovation and create value in the market in a sustainable manner. This recognition reinforces the importance of the company as a synonym of quality due to its proximity and passion for the poultry industry.