Tesa Panisello, veterinarian, founder and director of CEALVET, received the Premio Nacional de Investigación, Ciencia e Innovación Isaac Peral (Isaac Peral National Prize for Research, Science and Innovation) on 28 May as representative of CEALVET, a company dedicated to the research, development, control and commercialisation of products for animal health and nutrition. The award was given by the European Association for Economy and Competitiveness, which recognised the research work carried out by CEALVET, highlighting its commitment to innovation as an essential element in the development of its professional strategy.

CEALVET has recently published five research articles and is working on two lines of research: the development of new products that improve animal welfare in order to maximise their performance; and the study of chicken vocalisations to detect acoustic patterns that allow us to determine their level of welfare. This second line of research is carried out together with the Media Technologies Research Group (GTM) of La Salle Campus Barcelona – Universitat Ramon Llull. In addition, they are also collaborating together in the doctoral thesis of Gerard Ginovart, doctoral student at La Salle-URL and manager of IT at CEALVET.

For CEALVET and its collaborators, the award has been a recognition of the work carried out and a boost to continue researching and creating added value through innovative services that help farmers to maximise their production by improving the quality of life and animal welfare. The Isaac Peral National Research, Science and Innovation Awards have been instituted by the European Economic and Competitiveness Association to recognise the merit of those researchers who carry out outstanding work in scientific fields and who make an exceptional contribution to the advancement of science, to a better understanding of human beings and their coexistence, to the transfer of technology and to the progress of humanity.