CEALVET, a Spanish company focused on the innovation, design and marketing of products aimed at improving animal welfare, especially in the poultry sector, last September 2023, won the Eurostars 3 call with its new project “Bioacoustics Automatic Evaluation system for poultry Health” (BAEHealth), in which the French LDC Group also participates in the experimental part on the farm.

The BAEHealth project consists of a web application and a set of sensors based on artificial intelligence, which will offer an innovative service to automatically detect, in real time and quantitatively, the level of well-being of birds through the animals’ vocalizations, from their birth in the incubator until the end of the production cycle in the company, including transport.

The use of bioacoustics as a welfare detection method was selected based on previous test results obtained by CEALVET’s research and development engineering team: the relationship of vocalizations to farm production rates, the relationship of vocalizations with the level of CO2 concentration, and the detection of stress resulting from the vocalizations emitted.

The main objectives of the BAEHealth project are:

• Provide an automatic real-time monitoring tool for the status of animals by detecting their vocalizations.

• Obtain predictions based on bird calls to detect and anticipate welfare status.

• Assist in making breeding management decisions on farms, as well as hatchery management.

• Optimize and promote animal welfare in poultry production.

This project has the potential to be applied simply and practically in farms, hatcheries and transport facilities, to improve bird welfare and optimize poultry management, thus improving system efficiency in terms of resource use and sustainability long-term.

The LDC Group, one of the leading groups in European poultry farming, wants to advance the development of new technological solutions that improve the monitoring of bird welfare in real time.

Thanks to the professional experience of both companies, this joint project has the clear objective of improving the monitoring of animal welfare, from hatching in the incubation room to the end of the production cycle.

Transport truck with acoustic sensor.

Sensors developed for the BAEHealth project.